July 28, 2014

lesbian podcast 587 Conversion

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It's widely accepted that Gay conversion therapy simply doesn't work. However, that was before someone came up with the brilliant idea of finding the most hideous and despicable man possible and then telling the Gay man you're trying to convert to being a heterosexual to go down on him. Without fail the conversion therapy will work. Gay men would rather lick a vag than go down on that. Cured.

lesbian podcast

July 25, 2014

lesbian podcast 586 Three Days Later

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The only thing worse than having to go the doctor to explain that you've left a tampon up inside yourself for the last three days is when the doctor explains to you that it's more common than you think. As a public service to women everywhere, Lesbians of the world need to unite to help inspect vaginas everywhere just in case someone inadvertently left something up there. We're professionals...we can help.

lesbian podcast


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